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When you slide to this page inadvertently, congratulations, you will encounter a rare compact and powerful portable power bank on the market.

This PB92 portable power station from HMZ Technology is an amazing product: it promises to make your life easy and not panic during a power outage when you are at home, but it also makes you feel at home when you are outdoors for outings or adventures. The petite body of L350*H304*W200 mm hides a huge capacity of more than 1000WH, and the weight is less than 13KG. It is light and easy to carry, suitable for travel, whether you are driving a private car or riding a bicycle, you can easily take it with you It travels around the world and explores everywhere; the thoughtful off-grid design and the bright LED Light with SOS and Flash functions make it easier for you to do outdoor activities with ease. PB92-1000W, 220V portable power supply, a small but powerful power station that can compete with any of its kind in the market.

As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving, which describes the HMZ-PB92. Don’t let its appearance fool you. It may be minimalist, but it has a beefy 1024Wh capacity with multiple charging ports you can ask for anytime.

Just like other generators from HMZ Technology, including the HMZ-PB120 and HMZ-PB100, to name a few, this one runs on a pure sine wave inverter and a durable LiFePO4 battery with over 2500 charge cycles. It has the essential functions of home office emergency and outdoor activities. Let’s look at what makes this power station awesome without further ado.

Multiple Powerful Charging Ability

HMZ-PB92 provides you with a capacity of 1024Wh (25.6V/40AH), and two continuous 110-220V (60Hz/50Hz) sine wave AC output ports (inverter maximum output power 2000W), to meet your daily power needs. That’s enough to charge small to mid-sized tech devices and other gadgets. It can power smartphones, laptops, portable air conditioners, and more.

Besides, from this power bank, you can also get a 12.8V-DC5521 DC output port, two 5V USB-A ports, two QC3.0 USB-A fast charging ports (support 5V/9V/12V multiple fast charging demand), two Type-C fast charging PD ports (60W/100W). Adventures on the road can also use a 12.8V car charger.

With PB92, you can enjoy 17 charging cycles for a laptop (60Wh), 68 charging cycles for a smartphone (3000mAh), enjoy 8.5 hours of TV entertainment, 26 hours of projector office, and 4 hours of the slow cooker. It can power a car refrigerator (60W) for 17 hours and a light bulb for 43 hours. This power station is also useful for those who sleep with a CPAP machine, which has a staggering 20-hour charge cycle.

Recharge Anytime and Anywhere

When needed, you can always use solar power to charge the HMZ-PB92. Its exclusive built-in MPPT controller allows you to fully charge it within 6 hours with a 200W solar panel. You can also use a 12V car charger, or when pressed for time, plug it into the wall to get you from 0 to 80% in just 3.5 hours.

More Colors For Your Options, Safe and Durable

HMZ-PB92 has three colors for you to choose from and also supports OEM customization. Not only does it run silently, but it’s also non-toxic. It also has a great battery management system, thanks to its use of LiFePO4 batteries. It regulates temperature to prevent overheating and protects against short circuits, overheating, overcharging, over-voltage, over-current, and so on.

Wonderful Power Backup for Both Indoor and Outdoor

Since it supports solar charging and is non-toxic, the HMZ-PB92 is a great companion for off-grid travel. It even has one LED light. The 6W two-level high and low brightness adjustment configuration meets your lighting needs under different light conditions. It is also equipped with SOS and Flash functions, allowing you to be fearless when exploring outdoors. Best of all, despite its massive power capacity, it’s light. It weighs just 13kg and is easy to carry with a comfortable handle and comes in compact dimensions of 13.7 x 11.9 x 7.8 inches. This is really a power bank you should not miss.

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