1000Wh 14.8V 70Ah LiFePO4 Battery Portable Power Station for Home and Outdoor

HMZ-PB100’s strong system integration capability creates this portable power station widely recognized for its strong discharge capability, fast charging capability, rich output interface, and user friendly. These characteristics make them a popular choice for a wide range of homes, work, travel, and emergency. Contact us for more details.

Additional information

Battery Types

14.8V 70Ah 1000Wh

Adapter Charging

120Wmax(17V-25V), efficiency 98%

MPPT Charging

120Wmax(17V-25V), efficiency 98%


Black, Silvery White, Space Gray and Customized


W200*L290*H160 mm



Product Details:

Model HMZ-PB50 HMZ-PB100
Battery Types 14.8V 33.8Ah 500Wh 14.8V 70Ah 1000Wh
Battery Pack Consumable Current ≤10uA
Include Inverter 500w
Adapter Charging 120Wmax(17V-25V), efficiency 98%
Photovoltaic MPPT Charging 120Wmax(17V-25V), efficiency 98%
USB-QC3.0 5-12V,18W 5-20V,60W
TYPE-C-PD 5-20V,60W
DC5521 12V,5A
AC 500W (110V or 220V) 1000W (110V or 220V)
Car Cigarette Lighter 12V,10A
LED Illumination 5-10W
Under Voltage Protection 12V±0.3V
Over Voltage Protection 16.8V
Discharge Over Temperature Protection 65℃
Charge Over Temperature Protection 45℃
Over Current Protection 60A(<1S)
Short-circuit Protection 200A(<1mS)
Weight 5.5kg 8.5kg
Dimensions W200*L176*H160mm W200*L290*H160mm
Color Black, Silvery White, and Space Gray for options

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