1024Wh LiFePO4 Battery Portable Power Station Bank For Sale

HMZ-PB92 strong system integration capability creates this portable power station is widely recognized for its strong discharge capability, fast charging capability, rich output interface and user friendly. These characteristics make them a popular choice for a wide range at at home, work, travel and emergency. Contact us for more details.

Additional information


1024Wh (25.6V/40Ah)


L350*H304*W200 mm



AC Output

Pure Sine Wave 110V@60Hz*2 or 220V@50Hz*2

Inverter Output

Rated power 1000W Peak power 2000W

DC5521 Output

12.8V ⎓5A*2

Product Details:

Basic Parameters
Capacity 1024Wh (25.6V/40Ah)
Dimension Size L350*H304*W200 mm
Weight 13Kg
Certification CE,FCC, ROHS
Output Specification
AC Output Pure Sine Wave 110V@60Hz*2 or 220V@50Hz*2
Inverter Output Power Rated power 1000W

Peak  power 2000W

DC5521 Output 12.8V ⎓5A*2
Car Charger Output 12.8V ⎓10A*1
USB-A Output 5V-2.4A*2
USB-A Fast Charge Output  QC3.0 fast charge (5V ⎓3A, 9V ⎓2A, 12V ⎓1.5A)*2
 Type-C Output 100W PD fast charge*1, 60WPD Fast charging*1

(5V ⎓3A, 9V ⎓3A, 12V ⎓3A, 15V ⎓3A, 20V ⎓5A)

Note: Car charger and DC5521 Power Sharing, maximum output 130W
Input Specifications
Adapter Input  28V⎓6A
Solar Charging Input 12–30V⎓6A Maximum power 180W
Type-C Input 5–20V⎓5A Maximum 100W
Battery Data
Battery Type  Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Battery Cycle Life After 2000 cycles, the remaining capacity is still more than 80%
Protection Function Charge and discharge protection/over voltage and under voltage protection/over current protection/short circuit protection/high and low temperature protection
Working  Temperature
Discharging Temperature   -20℃-60℃ (recommended operate temperature 20℃ to 30℃)
Charging Temperature   -5℃ –60℃ (recommended operate temperature  20℃ to 30℃)
Storage Temperature  -20℃–65℃ (recommended storage temperature 20℃ to 30℃)
Extended Functions
Illumination LED light 6W

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