20KWh 51.2V 400Ah LFP Stackable Household Energy Storage System for Home Power Backup

HMZ-ESS20K-H ESS with IP65 waterproof rating can be installed outdoors and indoors, matching various off-grid systems, and can be used for a wide range of home energy, UPS, electric systems, telecom, solar system, wind power, and base station. Contact us for more details.

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System Capacity


Operating Voltage


Max Input Power


Max Output Power



L580*W350*H1800 mm



Product Details:

System Parameter
System Capacity 20KWh
Max Input Power/Max Output Power 5KW
Battery Types LifePo4
Level of Protection IP40
Weight 180kg
Size (L*W*H) 580*350*1800mm
Cycle Life ≥2000 Cycle
Type Stacked Lithium Battery System
Battery Technical Parameters
Rated Capacity 400Ah
Rated Voltage 51.2V
Operating Voltage 40V~58.4V
Charging Current/Discharging Current 100A
Max Charge Current/Max Discharge Current 110A
Communication Mode CAN/RS232/RS485
Cooling Mode Natural Cooling
Level of Protection IP40
Operating Temperature Charge: 0℃~60℃

Discharge: -20~60℃

Inverter Parameter
Max Charge Power/Max Output Power 5KW
DC Input Power Voltage 40v~60V
DC Output Voltage 40V~58V
Phase Number Single Phase
AC Input Voltage/AC Output Voltage 220V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
MPPT Parameter
Max PV Voltage 500VDC
PV Operating Voltage Range 125-500VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 125-500VDC
Max Input Power 6600wW
Solar Charging Current 2*14A

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